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    Your customer, your solution, our network

    The reliability, scale and experience of a major carrier with the flexibility and innovation of a competitive local exchange carrier. It’s a better way to deliver a better network.

    News and announcements 

    Transform with Wavelengths
    Get a custom-designed wavelength network solution from CenturyLink and enjoy increased resiliency, more bandwidth, end-to-end global reach and much more.

    CenturyLink is top U.S. Ethernet carrier
    CenturyLink is now ranked number 1 on the U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, reflecting our commitment to deliver unmatched solutions and service to customers.

    A leader in the industry
    CenturyLink has been recognized with the 2019 Wholesale Service Provider of the Year (Global) and Industry Executive of the Year.
    The CenturyLink Wholesale difference
    • Global network reach paired and integrated with proven solutions
    • Years of wholesale experience focused on your customer experience
    • Flexible solutions and terms, and a willingness to tailor to your unique requirements
    • Extensive global access solutions and ongoing organic network expansion where you need
    Get the help and technology you need
    Stay ahead of your competition and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way with CenturyLink’s reliable, secure local-to-global network offerings.
    Get a multi-layered, proactive defense that helps you identify threats and mitigate risks, while protecting your network, website and cloud applications. It’s true peace of mind.
    Carrying more than 32 billion minutes of voice traffic per month*, our reliable, scalable carrier wholesale network is built to accommodate all of your needs—now and for years to come.
    *Total minutes that traverse the CenturyLink global voice network, based on a 3-month average from June-August 2018. 
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